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Realizing I didn’t really love him. I was in love with what I wanted him to be, what I imagined him to be. A person he could never be. I deserve better. I don’t have to be treated like this anymore. But I sure wish I could put a nice guy’s heart and mind in his body bc he sure was sexy!

Shame on me because I knew you were trouble. But I thought you were my Romeo, and I was your Juliet. Why couldn’t you see you belonged with me???? Sorry I’m so obsessive and crazy, but you’re just a heartbreak who’s really been a liar, and why you gotta be so mean?? I mean this is exhausting… So like we-eeeeee! are NEVER EVER EVER…… gettiing back together!!!!!!! …… ever…. :)

Yeah I just accurately told about my most recent love life drama using only lyrics from Taylor swift songs. That’s why she’s so famous! Her songs are so real!!

I’ve already pissed enough people off tonight so a few more wont hurt. If you don’t ship chillary, get off the dadgum chillary tab! It’s that simple. I and every other chillary shipper realize Charles an Hillary are married to other people and are happy with their lives. And I’m sure all of us shippers are happy for them. I think we all realize by now “chillary” is nothing more than a farfetched dream or fiction, or possibly just the past. I have not personally written fan fiction about them but I do read it. In my mind as many other shippers will probably agree, we almost just see Charles and Hillary as characters in stories. The scenarios aren’t really taken literally anymore. Fan fiction involving their characters has become more of it’s own independent ship. If I post something concerning chillary, I know it’s not real. It’s just for fun, it shouldn’t be taken as fact. Likewise for all other chillary shippers. But if this offends you, get off the chillary tab and you won’t have to see it. And no offense to Lady Antebellum, I’m a huge fan, but they are famous so they do run the risk of rumors, paparazzi, ships, etc. and they understand that. Also since they act the way they do on stage, they open the door for fans to think there is something between Charles and Hillary. If they really are offended by the rumors, ships, fan fiction, etc then they wouldn’t act that way on stage.

My name is shoulda-been-chasin-you and I am a chillary shipper.

So I just got rejected by the guy I liked bc i apparently said bad things about him 3 years ago (don’t even remember if I did or not) and bc I go to a different church than him. This rejection came AFTER he got my hopes up by telling me he liked me, thought I was pretty, and liked talkin dirty with me. Guys make no sense.

It’s like what the freak is wrong with me? I’m the top of my class, im a Christian, I am nice to people, and I really try to do the right things. So why can’t I get a boyfriend? I mean I don’t look like Jennifer aniston but I’m not butt ugly! So what the crap is so terrible about me that all of the guys I like always lead me on then go after one of my friends? And I’m always the one heartbroken and crying. I hate high school. Guys are douches.

Does Ron Washington just not ever think? You start kinsler at dh and mike young at 2nd. Andrus is at short stop like usual. Now you pull young after 6 innings and put profar in at 2nd. Ok sounds fine, but now it’s a 1 run game with at least 3 innings of baseball left to be played and possible extra innings. What if profar or andrus gets hurt and needs to come out? The rangers are out of middle infielders. I guess you put in gonzalez whose defense is mediocre and whose bat is nonexistent. If you move the dh kinsler to 2nd, you lose the dh spot and we’re stuck with a pitcher batting lead off. So I don’t understand wash’s thinking. I mean it’s one thing If it’s April-may but this is September 30th and the playoffs start in less than a week and at this moment the rangers are only 1 1/2 games up. Sometimes it seems like wash has no common sense.

And don’t even get me started on the outfield situation. (Cough cough) josh hamiltons terrible defense (cough)Craig gentry is the best outfielder on the team and batting above .300 (cough cough.)

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